Degree of Roast

Please note that Sweet Maria’s emphasize that temperature alone will not determine degree of roast. Each roaster is different and different beans roast slightly differently as well. All the information on this page is to be taken together to help determine degree of roast – no one element (appearance, sound, temperature, etc) can determine degree of roast. Most importantly – TASTE THE COFFEE – and see what that tells you about how it roasted.

Degree of Roast Degrees Celsius
Green Unroasted 24
Starting to pale 132
Early yellow 164
Yellow-Tan 174
Light Brown 188
Brown 200
1st Crack Begins 205
1st Crack Under Way 213
City Roast 219
City+ 224
Full City 230
Full City+ 234
Vienna (Light French) 240
Full French 245
Fully Carbonized 252
Immanent Fire 258