The natural flavor of a coffee bean is related to origin but other factors contribute to the final flavor of the bean. The following section discusses what you should expect from a bean from a specific country but it needs to be made clear other inputs in addition to origin impact the final flavor of your coffee.

The species or variety of the coffee planted can drastically change the beans profile. A Robusta planted in Ethiopia will a very different flavor profile than an Arabica coffee bean.

The terrain/location has a broad number of factors that will influence profile. Altitude, climate, soil type, topography will all be inputs that affect the final flavor. Altitude is seen as an important factor that contributes to the final profile of the flavor of your coffee. The below chart attempts to characterize flavors of coffee grown at different altitudes:

Lastly, farming practices and processing are two other major contributors that have a direct correlation to the quality of the cup.

As you proceed into the following sections note origin plays an important role due to terrain and local farming practices but keep an open mind as other inputs can impact the final flavor result.