Sumerian Nitro Coffee

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014

Spring is here, and in a matter of weeks we’ll all be scrambling to find the freon.  Enter Sumerian Nitro Coffee, your ticket to riding the heat wave in style.


This isn’t the typical metly-ice-filled cold coffee from around the corner. Our process takes nearly 48 hours to complete and crafts a smooth, velvety mini-pint of summer refreshment.  We start with a long, cold brew of our house espresso extracting all the chocolate and sweet spice notes.  This is done in small batches, and is brewed in air-tight containers to ensure we get the maximum flavour and aroma.  After the brewing process, the coffee is kegged and lightly carbonated where it stays charged over night.  Once the waiting is over, we use a nitrogen based beer gas mixture to push it through a restrictor plate, giving it the creamy cascading bubbles you often find in a pint of Guinness.


We will be keeping our house blend as well as some select single-origins on the nitro tap at our café as well at a select group of partners around town.


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